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wags whiskersEdVenture Children's Museum is teaching children about pet health and responsible pet care with its permanent exhibit "Wags & Whiskers." Launched November 5, the exhibit lets children step into a kid-sized pet clinic and choose the role of pet owner, veterinarian or groomer.

Jim "Soni" Sonefeld, president of The Animal Mission, was among honored guests at the exhibit's opening ceremony.

“Wags & Whiskers is the first of many new gallery openings this year at EdVenture as part of our Next Generation plan emphasizing critical 21st century learning skills," said Catherine Wilson Horne, President and CEO. "The pet clinic focuses on science and health literacy, career exploration, civic responsibility, critical thinking and problem solving skills.”

Visitors will be able to select a plush pet patient, use the Pet Scanner to explore the basic anatomy and physiology of animals, diagnose ailments and choose the appropriate treatment for their pet. Families will be able to watch an animated presentation about the significance of spaying and neutering, use an interactive program designed to determine the best pet for their lifestyle and utilize grooming tools to learn how to keep pets looking healthy, clean and happy.

Support for Wags & Whiskers is provided by The Animal Mission, South Carolina Association of Veterinarians, American Veterinary Medical Foundation and Toni M. and Sam Elkins.

"About four years ago Animal Mission President Jim "Soni" Sonefeld and I approached EdVenture about possibly sponsoring a pet exhibit; after many meetings over the next year we came to an agreement that the Animal Mission would donate $100,000 for the exhibit and Catherine Horne/EdVenture would solicit other donors. We have met many times in the last three years working out details for the exhibit, etc. and Catherine mentioned a few months ago that she had a few other donors but did not mention anyone except the Veterinary Association. We appreciate donors who have stepped forward to help! This is going to be a wonderful educational tool for all the children and parents that will see this exhibit over the next years! We stressed to Catherine at the beginning that our main message would be the importance of spay/neuter as a way to control the huge pet over-population, with other messages about adoption and how to take care of your pets." – Julie Ruff, 1st Vice President, The Animal Mission