Some Ways You Can Help

wirehaired terrierArea shelters can ALWAYS use a hand! Needs vary from shelter to shelter. To find out what your local shelter needs the most, give them a call.

Become a Foster Parent

This may be the most rewarding volunteer activity you will ever experience. There is a special satisfaction that comes with rehabilitating an injured or frightened animal or socializing an "unadoptable" dog or cat to make it ready for a permanent family. And don't worry about becoming attached. Most people are surprised to find how easy it is to see one of their little wards go off to a permanent home where it will have even more attention. If a longer term foster doesn’t suit you and you still want to help, no worries. Some shelters offer an overnight or weekend foster opportunities just let some of the pets get a brief break from daily shelter life.

Dog/Cat Socializing

If you enjoy the feel of fur, come and brush the dogs and cats. Often this is the first time these animals have had someone really care for them. They learn to love a warm voice and a soft touch while waiting for loving permanent homes. The dogs also need practice walking on a leash or just enjoy getting the chance to be outside in the sunshine for a few minutes – or longer if you have the time.

Do What You Do Best!

  • Make phone calls
  • Mailing Campaigns
  • Special Events & Educational Promotions
  • Customer Service
  • Office/Clerical Support
  • Exercise Animals
  • Bathe and Groom Dogs or Cats
  • Transport Animals
  • Donate